Leaving Omelas

Leaving Omelas(Happy-episode#2)

Put your hand on your chest, move your mouse…
  • Where are you now?  

Go left or Go right, anywhere…
We live by watching the x-fans (ppa) go crazy. Or crazy already.

The 10 o’clock direction they lead is the same as both the left and right.  If we’re dragged around like this, our batteries will be discharged.
Do you know how to handle a used battery?  It will be charged with the Red light or be abandoned.

Take off their persona. –  Are you 10’P(persona)?   Who are you?  Who am I?  #SinToBuRi   

  • There is no more battery in Omelas.

Freedom is not free, but we have not kept our freedom and are abandoning it.
Will you seek freedom again? Will you live without freedom?

  • Leave Omelas.

Nothing in life is free, but they say it’s free in Omelas. (Someday,,,,,, You’ll be the victim in Omelas.)
Giveaway (FREE) is the debt of the future.
Let’s go and seek the responsible freedom. Remember “Nothing in life is free”.

1. Face reality (Now)
2. The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas (1973)
3. Leaving Las Vegas (1995)
4. White Wilderness (1958)



  • Mouse By Dave Gandy in Font Awesome (OFL)
  • Mouse By Vectorgraphit in Meanicons (Authors website)
  • Collaboration with EH (Thanks EH)