Role Playing Game(RPG)

Play Fetch

I think my puppies has an identity infection.
I don’t know if it’s because of eating smog-contaminated food or because of eating a lot of coins (10P, Dime) that fell on the ground.

My puppies seem to think of me as a butler or the same puppy.
I’m a sincere owner who feeds the puppy without skipping meals, but I can’t bite the ball and bring it.

Now my puppies need to be educated who is the owner.
I can’t be a butler or puppy over and over again. (You may not be a puppy, but from outside it will look the same.)
Play fetch training must have to be good.

We can have a good time with faithful and good companion puppies.
Fetch training is exhausting and hard, but we must have to repeat it.
If we don’t train properly, our puppies might eat coins again.

Let’s play fetch while imagining a happy and happy day.

Only when I throw the ball, my puppies are wagging a tail.
My puppies are drooling looking at the ball I have.
Recently, my clever puppies are importing the balls.

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Illustration & Pictures

  • Collaboration with Vanessa (Thanks Vanessa)