It’s too long to write.
I don’t want to summarize… …read it, or just look at the picture.

In recently, the air has improved a little. The reason is clear. Summer is beginning.
Air pollution is not diminished, it’s because of monsoon. In the summer the direction of the wind changes.
Curious? Click link. or Search #AQI(air quality index)

It’s so simple and clear, you can see where pollutants are produced and where they’re going.
I can explain it scientifically but I don’t…because my English isn’t good enough, Click the link above and look at the wind with your eyes.

In season 1, The subject of my 1st or 2nd post is design of air pollution materials and phenomenon.
In Season 2, I put an alternative solution in the design.
(I think it will be a special post for the Republic of Korea, but I think other countries can get a hint from my post, too.)

The letters in the above design are as follows.
#신토불이 #SinToBuRi (Click the below for google pronunciation) It’s used in Republic of Korea.

The straightforward interpretation of #SinToBuRi is like #FoodMiles & #LocalFood.
It can be interpreted as consuming goods (food) from the soil where you were born.

However, in Korea, various economic perspectives, interest relationships, propaganda, and k-pop culture have been combined in addition to straightforward interpretations. I can’t explain all of this. To do this, I have to explain 8th GATT (1986), WTO, FTA, etc.. then it’ll be longer.

Back to the alternative to the subject
How is #SinToBuRi an alternative solution to air pollution?

It’s simple. It’s Consumer Sovereign.

Let’s consume the produce produced in our land rather than the agricultural products where air pollution is serious.
It is reasonable and common sense to think that agricultural products in clean air are safe. Right?
Air pollutants are absorbed into the soil through the rain.

I don’t hate any objects.  I just need  Clean Air  and  Clean Food.

Don’t lead to political debate.
It’s my blog. I have the freedom to express myself. If you don’t like it, you leave and don’t purchase t-shirts.

We don’t have to say we hate something. Because we are producers and consumers.
Leave it to the free market economy.

We only need to monitor and manage importers who violate or lie in the indication of origin(:mark of origin).

You consume something good for you and your children.

I want to consume agricultural and marine products grown in clean air and clean places.
If you want to breathe clean air,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Do consume. 

Koreans like  #SinToBuRi.
So I present a new #SinToBuRi as an alternative solution.

Even if you pay a little more, you consume what farmers and fishermen produce in our land.- #SinToBuRi #SinToBuRi-Rhyme
Even if you pay a little more, we consume the goods and services that are produced in our land.- #SinToBuRi #SinToBuRi-Rhyme
Even if the value of Kimchi stew goes up, you have to demand the origin of all the ingredients. – #SinToBuRi #SinToBuRi-Rhyme

Is it hard to breathe every day?   No one’s responsible, right?
Who picked those fools? Who is the fool in it?  
It’s not a politics for us. It’s survival.

Through our selective consumption we can make them accountable to those who are not responsible. 
Do not expect anyone to do it anymore. 

How long?  Until the air pollution decreases in all four seasons. 

We’re a big trading nations. We are already tough, but will never die first.

It’s hard, but we have to protect our environment. 
We can do it. 

We don’t have to import the coal that causes the air pollution and then switch our nuclear plant. -#SinToBuRi #SinToBuRi-Rhyme
Let us move to a telecommunications services where there is  Samsung 5G communication product produced in our land. -#SinToBuRi #SinToBuRi-Rhyme

Who are you? Who am I? #SinToBuRi  (This is a part of the #SinToBuRi lyrics, and the translation is as follows.)
See and listen to the music. Click link.

In an internet community in Korea, this topic has become an issue.

Air pollutants(Toxic Smog) vs Radioactive pollutants. Which  is worse?

It’s sad. I have to argue about this topic.
As far as the process is concerned, I will tell you only the story that has been drawn.

– Common points
Everything is dangerous and leads to death.
The social cost of medical care in the region (country) increases.

– Difference
The difference is being in the probability of genetic inheritance. say…
I could not see the exact scientific figures.

Discuss with Reddit or your community.

I recommend to see the "Under the Dome" documentary before the discussion.


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MAKGEOLLI font was created by Pocheon City Goverment
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